The initial stage – the song list


Tonight, I am dedicating some time for this very important part of the wedding – music. I’m a sucker for this. I need the music to be right for this big day. Here’s my current list for the dinner:

  • Turning Page – Sleeping at Last
  • Kiss Me – Olivia Ong
  • From this moment on – Shania Twain
  • A thousand years – Christina Perri
  • Always on your side – Sheryl Crow ft Sting
  • You and Me – Lifehouse
  • I Do – 98 degrees
  • This I Promise – N’Sync

Realised I end up so much with songs I listen when I was in Pri/Sec school era. Really want Turning Page to be my march-in song, but this got to be timed just right.

  • Intro: Host will do a lead-in with some beautiful words
  • March-in: at the words “Your word is my turning page, only the sweetest words remain..”
  • Sounds silly, but I hope I can work around it and have it the way I always imagined.

One more thing, I am really glad we got in touch with this very talented friend Faridzuan. Heard him singing at Ron’s promotion ceremony recently, and I am just madly captivated by his voice. The per.fect. voice for the wedding.

Am also toying with the idea of including Korean songs….. :p Can only think of one off my head: White Love Story – As One