Fitting, the first

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Going down for fitting of the wedding gowns tomorrow. Feeling real excited about it 🙂

Did my homework for this. The only thing is, I have the option for 1 of the gowns to be made to measure (MTM), and 1 off the rack.

Am still clueless as to whether I should have my ball gown or the evening gown as the MTM gown. Some of my girlfriends suggest to get the evening gown MTM as the design I desired for my ball gown is rather common.

For the evening gown, am really hoping to get a non-satin midnight blue gown.

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For the solemnization, I have planned it to be a garden wedding style. Still undecided as to how I want my gown and hair to be.

Toying with the idea of the hair let down with flower garland and an easy flow-y and drape-y dress. I want it to be a beautiful and simple affair. Alternatively, I can go for a cute cocktail dress with perhaps a little Victorian lace to it.

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(Fabienne Alagama design)

We shall see how tomorrow’s session goes!