Planning a garden wedding: Decorations

It’s 2014! We are 5 months away from the solemnisation and 9 months away from the banquet dinner.

Things are slowly kicking in – just last weekend we went to meet the wedding dress designer to talk about the MTM dress. Can’t wait to try it on on 23 Mar 🙂

So, I have been thinking about the solemnization. Things I can prepare/plan/DIY before hand, and decorations are one of the them. Here are some of what I have researched on.

Garden Wedding DIY Decorations


1. Paper pom poms – These are great to be hung on trees, shrubs or overhanging lines/beams. They add a soft touch to anything without efforts. They are also fairly easy to DIY. Mix them with different pastel colours and watch them light up the whole garden. How to make them: Martha Stewart.



2. Paper lanterns – These, similar to the paper pom poms, are fairly easy to DIY and goes very well when displayed with the paper pom poms. How to make them: Martha Stewart Paper Lantern and Papier Mâché style; or you can buy the plain paper lanterns and decorate them fabulous glitter lanterns or add your own decorations like this one available on


Annette Small Pacific1

3. Flowers – These are the essentials for a garden wedding. There are many ideas to play around when thinking of flower placements for your garden wedding.

  • Do them up in masons jar, perfect for hanging on the chairs, tables, trees, or by the fence etc. Check out the DIY tutorial by 17Apart
  • Cage them up! For a wilder feel, check out what this couple did, as featured on Intimate Weddings
  • Flower petals – these are great to lay along the aisle and for guest to toss at the newly weds in celebration.



4. Tassle Garlands/Streamers – these are great as decorations. Hang them on the trees, and watch them sway softly in the breeze.

  • This couple does it simple, just wonderfully colourful ribbons draping from the trees. Check it out here.
  • For more vintage feel, you can opt for a fabric garland, also available on
  • Make your own napkin/crepe flower garland, tutorial available here. Great idea in mimicking the Twilight wedding scene 🙂
  • For a more fanciful and glamorous option, you can choose to purchase those with messages on them. As seen on



5. Burlap banners – Shout little messages in cute ways. Burlap banners are a great fit to garden wedding, and fairly easy to DIY too! DIY tutorial over at OffBeatBride


Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.32.27 pm

6. DIY wedding signages – Like the burlap banners, these are little avenues to shout messages in cute and creative ways. Wooden planks and chalkboards are great medium to work on!

  • Grab a wood plank and do it the stencil lettering way! Stencils are great tools which are easy to use. And they turn out just as cute! As seen on StyleMePretty
  • Mr & Mrs signs are popular with many too. There are just so many different ways you can decorate these signages. Here are some of my favourites! As seen on SouthernWeddings, StyleMePretty and Michaels
  • With typography becoming more popular, you can opt to have signages displayed in typography. These definitely look sophisticated. Just love these typographic signages, found on StyleMePretty and
  • Or just go with your own style, handwrite your own direction signboards! As seen on StyleMePretty

Definitely much more ideas to play with for DIY items on reception tables and guests tables. That will be my next post!